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We know how expensive a wedding can be and the up-charge of all services with the word wedding or bridal added in front of it. So we wanted to offer something different and keep things simple so our prices are the same for all member of the bridal party.

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$85  ($140 with trial)

$85  ($140 with trial) 

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All you need to know about 
Eyelash Extensions 


Eyelash Extensions are a permanent procedure where the extensions are adhered to your natural lash adding weightless length and giving the illusion of wearing makeup. As your natural lash sheds, the extension painlessly falls out with the lash, leaving room for your new lashes to grow in. Lashes have a shedding cycle, so lashes may be lost the day of the appointment and that is completely normal.

While they are not 100% damage free, they are much less damaging than mascara and eyelash curlers when correctly applied. The process takes between 1- 3 hours, depending on the amount of lashes you have naturally, and the desired outcome. The average time for Classic application is 2 hours while volume is 2.5.

When the client arrives a gel pad to protect the lower lashes will be placed, their lashes will be prepared for the application and then it will begin. Clients must arrive 10 minutes early to fill out medical questionnaire.


Classic lashes apply a single lash extension to each natural lash, while Volume lashes apply multiple lashes to each natural lash.

Refills for lashes should be every 2-3 weeks, but should not exceed 3 weeks, or it will be considered a full appointment.

Materials used are Silk, Synthetic, Faux Mink and Mink.

Cyanoacrylate is a main ingredient in the adhesive, so allergies to this ingredient render receiving the procedure unattainable. A patch test will be performed beforehand in a separate appointment if the client has allergies to medicines, bee stings or chemicals, in order to ensure there will be no reaction.

Sensitive glue for sensitive eyes or those who use eye contacts is available. Eye contacts must be removed before the procedure for clients safety.

Clients are placed in a relaxing environment and are asked to keep their eyes closed and keep their heads as still as possible for the fastest service. Falling asleep during the procedure is absolutely normal and even encouraged!

Clients MUST come in with no makeup on or there may be an additional charge for lash washing.