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Wedding dress dry cleaning

With over 12 years of experience, we guarantee a professional dry cleaning service and the best price for dry cleaning wedding dresses in Ottawa!

Your wedding dress is very special and it deserves the best care when it comes to having it dry cleaned and preserved. 

It is important to have your wedding dress dry cleaned straight after your wedding day if you are thinking of either passing it on to your children or turning your wedding dress into a Christening gown or flower girls dress in the future. 

It is better to have your wedding dress dry cleaned in the first few days after your wedding so that you are sure all stains, if any, are removed before they get embedded in the fabric and end up permanent.

Wedding dress Preservation

Preserving your wedding dress will help it from aging with time, so when it comes to the day where you decide you are wanting to use it again, it will look as it did on the day of your wedding and ready for its new purpose. 

For an extra $50 you can have your dress sealed in a box with acetone-free paper to keep it safe and stop it from aging.

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